started going on (an avatar forum site, ya know, like how gaia has the little people next to ur posts instead of an icon? yeah like that)

i really like the community and site so far!

it’s nice and i can talk to people easily with no stress!

I’m 3pie14 on there.

tomodachi life is taking up my life 

that’s why i havent been posting much lately lol (not like i ever post much)

time for a bunch of doodles again

this one includes a bunch of my friend's OCs! (Jessica, Timpani, and Momo

click for captions

i literally have not changed my blog header since I’ve joined this site

…It’s still relevant so I still don’t have a reason to change it….


helll yesse
Roxanne is here now
here in the rp zone

helll yesse

Roxanne is here now

here in the rp zone

i should draw and reply to tegaki things and finish roxanne’s big app but im just like….

*lies on ground* ….drawing….tho….2 much work….wanna play games….

I’ll get to it eventually!!


oh I got Kirby Triple Deluxe a few days ago!

oh my gosh the noises kirby makes in this game are so cuuuuuteeeee….u.g.h..

sometimes I don’t feel bad about letting kirby get hurt because he just sound so adorable when he’s hurt anyway…

im trash

omg talking about ocs and stuff is really fun im going to do it all the time now

hey hey want to know how slime monsters (ya know, like viscera, cherry, arau, etc.) reproduce in my universe? (and other slime monster fact goodies??)


ok good because here we go

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more random oc facts

tagachi wants roxanne to cut her hair (i mean look at how long it is), she tells her that she really should cut it every so often.

roxanne once had a nightmare where tagachi held her down and cut her hair off. it wasn’t a good night

tagachi respects roxanne’s wishes on how she wants to look, tagachi just is worried about how long it must take for roxanne to take care of her hair each day……..*That one part in “when will my life begin” from tangled starts playing(and i brush and brush and brush and brush my hair)*